Travvi unites the information, necessary for a hobby, leisure and travel. Travvi is hot news, objective recommendations, actual catalogs and directories, smart calendar and planner. Travvi is a place to meet and communicate with people of similar interests.

You have a hobby or you're looking for a new one?
Our hobby catalog structures thousands of hobbies. If you forget the name of a hobby you can find it according to it’s characteristics. Taking into account your preferences and possibilities Travvi will suggest places, and events, related to the hobby, or offer how to spend leisure time - from going to the club to travel to Antarctica.

Thinking what to do or where to go?
We have developed unique calendar. Travvi calendar integrates any types of events from sports, education, exhibitions and concerts to travel-related hobbies. On Travvi it’s easy to search for events for a variety of characteristics. Event’s organizer sets the characteristics of its target audience. In personal calendar are entered only events from the circle of your interests taking into account the budget, the right time and other parameters. You will not receive spam from Travvi.

Deciding where to go?
In a travel section you can read recommendations and discussion, use route creating tools, find latest offerings, weekend tours, GPS-tracks according your interests, budget, complexity and other characteristics.

What kind of attractions to visit?
Where to stay and have a meal?
How to find equipment, instructor, guide or transfer?
We have developed a catalog of places which has no analogues.

Looking for a companion for hobby?
In the contact list it’s easy to group and search people by common interests and other characteristics. On Travvi you will find new friends for hobby and travel.


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